Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kaspersky 2011 Cr_ack for 3700 days [1000% work]


This cr_ack activates Kaspersky for 3700 days; and the installed key will not be blocked, even after updates !

It works with Kaspersky Antivirus & Internet Security 2011.

It works with all languages, and all versions of windows 32bit and 64bit.

1. Remove any installed keys.
2. Disable Self-Defense from Kaspersky settings.
3. Exit Kaspersky.
4. Install the cr_ack.
5. Enjoy !!

Download Kaspersky Installer (Trial) kat sini dulu

Download Cra_ck (Hotfile)

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Anonymous said...

Kalau da ade key setahun Kasperskye Internet Security 2011 camne?
Selamat ke crack sistem Kasperskye guna care tu?

Rahimi said...

Kalau dah beli key, better pakai jer key yang ada tu dulu..

Remy Kindichi said...

dah kne detect la..key ni semua xleh pakai lg dah

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